Slovakian report anonymous slovakia targets nato and eu sites

Sixgill Threat Report: Hacktivist Group “Anonymous” in Slovakia Targets NATO and EU Sites

In Sixgill’s latest threat report, malicious activity of the Slovakian “Anonymous” group was found in the Deep Web message board ‘Hidden Answers’, where threat actors were looking to recruit accomplices for an operation targeting NATO and EU websites.

DOWNLOAD RESOURCE December 31, 2017
next generation dark net markets sixgill report

Sixgill Threat Report: Next Generation Dark Web Markets

The second half of 2017 has been very rocky for Dark Web markets.  Two of the largest Dark Web markets were taken down by law enforcement in 2017, AlphaBay and Hansa, the latter being run for a while by law enforcement without users knowing. For a variety of reasons, Dark market vendors are looking for alternative platforms and methods to protect themselves while carrying on their business.

DOWNLOAD RESOURCE December 25, 2017
Health Care threat report cover

Sixgill Threat Report: How Vulnerable is the Health Care Industry to Cyber Attacks?

Similar to other verticals, the health care industry is vulnerable to cyberattacks that can cause tremendous damage, both to the medical organizations themselves and to their patients. Download new Sixgill Threat Report on the vulnerability of the Health Care Industry.

DOWNLOAD RESOURCE November 14, 2017
sixgill whitepaper dark web potential threats

Sixgill White Paper: Understanding the Dark Web: The Potential Threat and What You Can Do About It

Ever wonder what the Dark Web really is? How it got started? How it became the dangerous place it is? More importantly, what kind of threats are lurking out there, why you need to know about them and what you can do about them? Sixgill has released a White Paper that takes a look at the Dark Web and answers these questions. 

DOWNLOAD RESOURCE October 11, 2017
Telegram Report Cover page

Sixgill Threat Report: ISIS on Telegram: Weaponized UAV – ISIS’ New Aerial Weapon

A wealth of security-related information can be found on Telegram, a secure encrypted messaging application operating in the deep web. During the past couple of years, the German-Russian-based Telegram application has emerged as the jihadists’ preferred application for encrypted communications. Looking at examples from just the past few months regarding the use of new weapons by “The Islamic State” (ISIS) demonstrates just how prevalent this trend has become.

ovum logo

Ovum Research On the Radar: Sixgill highlights threats and enables real-time prioritization of alerts

Why put Sixgill Dark-i on your radar?
Today, the dark web conceals a vast underworld of cybercriminals who are collaborating and cooperating on exploits, as well as sharing methodologies. There is clearly a need for platforms suchb as Dark-i so that the enterprises who are targeted by these individuals and gangs can investigate who is focusing on them, what attacks vectors they are using, and how they go about their business,enabling them to organize and structure their response.

proton a new mac os rat sixgill report


Sixgill researchers encountered a post in one of the leading, closed Russian cybercrime message boards. The author of the thread announced a RAT dubbed Proton, intended for installation exclusively on MAC OS devices. The author offered this product in one of the leading underground cybercrime markets. This report contains information about the malware which has drawn extensive interest in the industry. As a result of this discovery, Sixgill was written up in numerous industry articles. 

DOWNLOAD RESOURCE February 7, 2017