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Forging Documents in the Deep and Dark Web

Threat actors are constantly looking for quick and easy ways to commit fraud, and document forgery is a significant part of that effort. These fake documents can serve a number of illicit purposes, from providing proof of residence for a false identity, through creating legitimate business accounts under that identity, to even traveling internationally using fake biometric passports.

The competition between legitimate authorities and the fraudsters who attempt to dupe them, is likely to continue for years to come. While encryption and identification technologies are constantly improving, threat actors find ways keeping up with these developments. As long as there’s gain to be had, cyber criminals will continue to manufacture and sell forged documents in the deep and dark web.

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CVE Publishing: A Race to Protect Against Dark Web Threat Actors Trying to Exploit

Although the practice of alerting the public with new CVEs (Critical Vulnerabilities and Exposures) is a crucial component in contemporary cyber-security strategy,  Dark Web threat actors are actively searching for new vulnerabilities and investing considerable effort in finding ways to exploit them before organizations can protect themselves.

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Web-Based Crypto Wallet Hijacking

Cybercriminals have managed to redirect web-based crypto-wallet DNS queries to a malicious mirror website. By doing so, they were able to steal $17m in Ethereum.1 The hackers pulled off a BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) hijacking attack on the website’s DNS service host, causing it to receive a false IP address and direct users to a phishing website. As a result, the users became victims of the attack, losing their stored wallet’s crypto-currency.

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Sixgill Threat Report: Will EU Regulation Aid Cyber Criminals?

During the last few months, global corporations have been extremely busy with implementing the needed changes in order to be compliant with the upcoming GDPR regulation. While this happens, cyber-threat actors are preparing themselves for the possible consequences, without a clear picture of whether GDPR will hurt them or benefit them.

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Sixgill Investigative Report: Cybercrime and the Bitcoin Dilemma

In this investigative report, Sixgill analyzes how the exponential growth in the value of bitcoin has inadvertently disrupted the dynamics of the cybercrime economy, and put criminals at an unprecedented crossroads, bringing speculation and uncertainty to the core of financially motivated cybercrime.

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