December 26, 2019

Dark Web—a View From the Inside

The dark web functions no different than a social network for criminals—with hierarchies, money flows, and user reputations being built and torn down, according to Avi Kasztan, SIXGILL co-founder and an expert in dark web monitoring and intelligence

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November 27, 2019

For the first half of this year, more than 23 million credit cards were for sale worldwide on the dark web, and almost two-thirds of them came from the U.S., according to a study by Sixgill.

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November 15, 2019

Cybercriminals go where the money is. During the busy holiday season, that means the retail sector. And as more retail sales occur online, that means e-commerce sites are in hackers’ crosshairs. I just returned from the annual Retail Cyber Intelligence Summit in Denver, where I got the chance to talk with security experts at some of the largest retailers in the U.S. I’m going to tell you what they see as the biggest threats to their business, and how they’re using intelligence to stay ahead of criminals.

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October 29, 2019

CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) is a list of publicly known cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Here’s what it does and doesn’t offer – and how it can help your organization’s security pros and other teams

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September 26, 2019

During the first half of this year, 23 million credit cards were stolen worldwide, according to cyber threat intelligence company Sixgill. About two-thirds of those stolen card numbers were issued in the U.S.  But what can a cyber criminal really do with a stolen credit card number?

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August 28, 2019

 סיקסגיל פיתחה מערכת מודיעין לזיהוי אוטומטי של מתקפות ברשת האפלה

הפתרון, שרץ בענן של אמזון, אומץ על ידי מוסדות פיננסיים, ממשלות וארגוני משטרה ברחבי העולם


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August 13, 2019

In September, Calcalist will host its third annual innovation and technology conference Mind the Tech in London. Investors, entrepreneurs, and executives from the U.K. and Israel will take part in the three-day conference, held in collaboration with KPMG and shared office venture Labs. The event will include a series of lectures and talks on innovation, technologies, business ties with Israel, and investment opportunities.

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entrepreneur logo August 7, 2019

When Thomas Jefferson penned the Declaration of Independence, he specified life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as three of humankind’s “unalienable rights.”

More than 230 years later, people are wondering: What about the right to privacy?

Entrepreneur worked with Sixgill, a threat intelligence company that analyzes deep and dark web sources, to look further into five of the potentially unsafe VPNs in Migliano’s study: VPN Proxy Master, TurboVPN, Snap VPN, X-VPN and Secure VPN. Dov Lerner, a cyberintelligence researcher at the firm, found that most of them came highly recommended in dark web forums. 

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August 2, 2019

This report looks at the number of stolen credit cards that are available on the so-called “dark web.” Researchers found 23 million card numbers and describe various ways that criminals can access this trove. There is one IRC bot for example that can “validate” the stolen cards, which was used hundreds of thousands of times. — SIX GILL BLOG


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July 26, 2019

Researchers have found over 23 million stolen credit and debit cards up for sale on the dark web, with US consumers by far the biggest hit.

Nearly two out of every three stolen cards on the sites trawled by Sixgill were issued in the US, amounting to more than 15 million. The next biggest hit country was the UK, which accounted for over 7%.

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July 30, 2019

Americans can’t get enough of credit-card rewards.

But our eagerness to score potentially lucrative deals comes with one major, often-overlooked trade-off: It leaves you more vulnerable to cyber criminals.

“The more credit cards you have, you’re increasing your attack surface,” said Benjamin Preminger, senior cyber-threat intelligence specialist at cybersecurity firm Sixgill. “You’re storing your data in more databases, so there’s a greater likelihood your information will be breached.”

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usa today logo July 30, 2019

When it comes to keeping our personal information secure, it’s hard for consumers not to fear the worst.

Just a week after the credit reporting agency Equifax agreed to pony up to $700 million to settle a 2017 security breach that exposed the personal data of 147 million people came Monday’s revelation that a Seattle software engineer and former Amazon Web Services employee allegedly hacked into a Capital One server, putting at risk the data of more than 100 million people in the U.S. and Canada.

While data breaches like the Equifax and Capital One hacks make headlines, lower-level, more run-of-the-mill fraud like email phishing and skimming remain popular and target individuals, says Benjamin Preminger, a cyberthreat intelligence specialist at Sixgill


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July 26, 2019

Stolen or illegally acquired credit and debit card details have always been available for purchase. However, a new report about the easy availability of the most common and popular financial products on the Dark Web reveals some interesting and disturbing details. The report also indicates how the organized, systematic and massive the illegal trade of credit card information goes on, and how simple it is for interested buyers to acquire such details. The most vulnerable victims to credit card information’s theft and trade are citizens of the United States, while the least vulnerable appear to be Russians. But the reasons for the unusually high disparity are quite different.

Cyber-security firm Sixgill has just released a detailed report that offers some fascinating and disturbing details about trends and trades taking place in the Dark Web.

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July 26, 2019

With data breaches reported regularly, ever wonder how many stolen credit and debit card numbers are available for sale? Over 23 million, according to a security company called Sixgill. And of those well over half — 15 million — were issued in the United States. The second-highest number of stolen numbers sold online come from the United Kingdom. Many of these are stolen when criminal install software on e-commerce sites that copy credit and debit card numbers as customers enter them.

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forbes logo July 26, 2019

Cash is the most preferred credit card perk in the United States. A new survey found 49% of American adults have a cash-back credit card, a 6% increase from last year. Many consumers don’t want to worry about complicated point systems or meeting certain spending requirements. Cash-back cardholders were the most likely to redeem their rewards: 88% did so at least once in the last year. Millennials cashed in more than any other generation. Half of 23- to 38-year-olds received cash back from their credit cards at least monthly. Roughly a quarter did so weekly. 

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ZDnet sixgill July 25, 2019

Over 23 million credit and debit cards were on offer in underground forums in the first half of 2019, researchers claim.

On Thursday, cybersecurity firm Sixgill released its Underground financial fraud report, documenting the trends and trades taking place in the Dark Web in relation to stolen financial data.

The research team said that out of the 23 million cards, nearly two out of every three originated in the United States, and while the US accounted for roughly two-thirds of stolen information, no other nation claimed more than 10 percent.

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RHISAC logo July 16, 2019

July 16, 2019 – Washington, DC and Netanya, Israel – Sixgill, a leading cyber threat intelligence company, has joined The Retail & Hospitality Information Sharing and Analysis Center (RH-ISAC) as an Associate member. Through this relationship, RH-ISAC’s analysts will have access to Sixgill’s intelligence portal, which provides actionable intelligence on relevant threats to the retail and hospitality sector.

Associate members are industry-leading information security providers committed to adding value within the retail and hospitality community. The RH-ISAC’s strong and growing list of members includes more than 120 companies that represent physical and online retailers, hotels, restaurants, casinos, and other consumer-facing companies.

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WebMagSpace logo June 25, 2019

Given the massive proliferation of Information and software technology, how do you see the IT market evolving over the next few years?
The more the world develops, so does the amount of information out there and the more information is out there, the more points of vulnerability are out there for cybercriminals to target.

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Daily Swig logo June 24, 2019

As the video games industry pivots to a cloud-based model, developers are struggling to cope with the security risks, analysts warn.

While ‘games-as-a-service’ enables massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), swift updates, cross-platform support, and more, it is also opening up new opportunities for criminals.

In another recent report, cyber intelligence firm SixGill found that some Fortnite accounts were selling for thousands of dollars.

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themarker sixgill June 19, 2019

גם השנה רשימת הסטארט־אפים הבולטים של גרטנר כוללת ייצוג ישראלי מרשים: 25 חברות ישראליות (15% מהרשימה) ■ ישראל ממשיכה לבלוט בתחום הסייבר — עם 10 חברות ברשימה ■ חברות ישראליות אחרות מציעות מוצרים חדשניים בתחומי הבינה המלאכותית, הפינטק, הבלוקצ’יין ועוד

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the register logo June 15, 2019

Fans of mopey British rock outfit Radiohead were given a treat this week when the band unexpectedly put online a collection of studio recordings to purchase and download – audio that, apparently, had been earlier stolen by hackers who threatened to publicly leak the files unless a ransom was paid. In response, the band released the recordings themselves via Bandcamp rather than pay out the six-figure demand.

That online release only came after the bad guys had already given up on receiving the dosh and had dropped the collection on the dark web. Researchers at Israeli cybersec outfit Sixgill claim they spotted the recordings linked from a Pastebin post that went up a full two days before the band decided to emit the songs officially, and they provided this screenshot to The Register to prove it:

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forbes logo June 12, 2109

Rock band Radiohead has admitted it was hacked last week, with attackers making off with unreleased material and reportedly demanding a ransom payment of $150,000 in exchange for not releasing it.

According to a Facebook post by guitarist Jonny Greenwood, the hackers stole lead singer Thom Yorke’s minidisk archive from around the time of the 1997 Radiohead album OK Computer.

The hacker who was demanding $150,000 from the band made good on the ransom threat by releasing the music two days earlier on the dark web, according to cybersecurity firm Sixgill.

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MSSP Alert logo June 4, 2019

New MSSP Platform: Sixgill has launched a multi-tenant cyber threat intelligence platform for MSSPs. More than a dozen MSSPs have already embraced the platform, though company names were not disclosed. The Sixgill offering “scours Deep and Dark, and surface web sources to automatically provide accurate threat intelligence in real time to MSSPs, via its easy to use dashboard,” the company says.

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Business Wire logo June 3, 2019

Sixgill Launches New Automated Multi-Tenancy Solution to Provide MSSPs with Actionable Cyber Threat Intelligence

With automatic threat intelligence alerts in real time, Sixgill’s new solution empowers MSSPs to manage unlimited customer assets right at their fingertips

June 03, 2019 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

TEL AVIV, Israel–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sixgill (, a leading cyber threat intelligence vendor that automates the monitoring, collection and analysis of exclusive-access deep, dark, and surface web sources to detect threats and alert customers of potential cyber-attacks, is announcing today the launch of its new cyber threat intelligence platform tailored to meet the needs of Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs). With threats to organizations becoming more advanced, Sixgill’s solution equips MSSPs with automatic threat intelligence insights about their customers in real time, from the convenience of a single dashboard. Sixgill was named a Gartner Cool Vendor in Security Operations Threat Intelligence in 20191.

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Business Wire logo May 28, 2019

Sixgill Named a “Cool Vendor” by Gartner

Vendors included in the ‘Cool Vendor’ report designed to highlight interesting, new, and innovative technology

TEL AVIV, Israel–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sixgill (, a leading cyber threat intelligence vendor that automates the monitoring, collection and analysis of exclusive-access deep, dark and surface web sources to detect threats and alert customers of potential cyber attacks, today announced that it has been included in the list of “Cool Vendors” in the “Cool Vendors in Security Operations and Threat Intelligence” report by Gartner, Inc1.

1Gartner Cool Vendors in Security Operations and Threat Intelligence, Kelly Kavanagh, Ruggero Contu, Augusto Barros, Pete Shoard, 14 May 2019

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Digital Health logo May 9, 2019

It’s three years since Davey Winder first warned about the growing security threat from the Internet of Medical Things. But in new research on digital imaging, our cybersecurity columnist sees evidence it’s an issue which is still not being taken seriously enough.

I recently had a conversation with Gilad Israeli, a cyber intelligence analyst at Sixgill. The company has a strapline of “Your eyes in the Dark Web”, which pretty much sums up the nature of our conversation.

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Fast Company logo April 29, 2019

Railroads have historically focused on safety, from ensuring tracks and trains are properly maintained to making sure pedestrians and drivers stay out of harm’s way, but lately they’ve also emphasized a new type of protection: cybersecurity.

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Business Wire logo April 23, 2019

TEL AVIV, Israel–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sixgill (, a leading cybersecurity vendor that analyzes the Deep and Dark Web to detect and defuse cyberattacks, is announcing today its partnership with Anomali, the leading provider of threat management and collaboration solutions. By integrating Sixgill into the Anomali Preferred Partner Store (APP store), cyber intelligence analysts can trial and purchase six Sixgill threat intelligence feeds to gain better insights on vulnerabilities.

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Expert Insights Logo April 18, 2019

The Dark Web is a well-known term for the parts of the internet that aren’t indexed by mainstream search engines. It can only be accessed by specialist browsers that route web traffic through a series of proxies, making all users on the Dark Web completely anonymous and very difficult to trace.

Expert Insights met SixGill’s Barry Spielman to talk about how their platform is helping businesses to identify threats on the Deep and Dark Web by looking at it ‘like a social network’.

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Paralelo 32 logo March 29, 2019

Hace ya unos cuantos años que las selfies empezaron a ponerse de moda. A partir de ahí, los teléfonos con cámara frontal se han convertido en algo indispensable en los smartphones y el fenómeno llegó hasta el famoso y a la vez odiado ‘palo selfie’. Sin embargo, estas fotografías también pueden suponer un peligro para la seguridad y están siendo comercializadas en la Dark Web.

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Edivaldo Brasil logo March 24, 2019

Um jogo extremamente popular e que é responsável pela movimentação de milhões de dólares pode ter até mesmo problemas fiscais. Pelo menos é isso que podemos afirmar com a notícia publicada pelo jornal britânico The Independent.

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valori logo March 21, 2019

Gli operatori del riciclaggio di denaro non difettano certo di creatività. Merito dell’esperienza, certo, così come dell’evoluzione tecnologica che, suo malgrado, offre spesso opportunità inedite. Lo dimostra il settore del gaming online, comparto promettente ma non privo di insidie. Basta un po’ di abilità informatica e una certa conoscenza dei lati oscuri della rete. E il gioco è fatto.

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usa today logo March 4, 2019

Inside the super-popular online game “Fortnite,” players must evade gunfire and rocket launcher attacks to be among the last ones standing in the multiplayer free-for-all. But even bigger dangers involving the game await players in the real world. Online profiteers hawking enhanced abilities for players’  “Fortnite” characters in exchange for their account login information could take over the account or, worse, steal credit card information in the account for fraud. Other internet peddlers pitch discounted or free allotments of the game’s virtual currency, V-bucks, used to pay for new costumes and dance animations for in-game characters. What seems like a bargain could, in reality, be a transaction that assists cyber-criminals launder money spent acquiring stolen data on the Dark Web.

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hackread logo March 4, 2019
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CSO Online logo February 28, 2019

Israeli threat intelligence firm Sixgill, which detects threats on the Dark Web, discovered “chaos on the commute.” According to an email about the find, “an experienced threat actor” is “selling admin access to a Chinese railway company. This access would enable criminals to manipulate train control systems, affecting over one million residents living in the urban core of Hubei Province.”

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KriptoKoin logo February 25, 2019

Dünya çapında 200 milyon kullanıcısı olan Fortnite kadar popüler olan çok az oyun var. Bu freemium (oyun ücretsiz fakat oyun için satın alma opsiyonları var) oyun o kadar popüler ki, geliştiricisi Epic Games, 2018’de 3 milyar dolar kazandı. Fakat Independent’in bir raporuna göre Fortnite’tan para kazanan tek şey Epic Games değil. Oyunun para birimi olan V-Bucks, dark web’te giderek artan bir şekilde para aklama aracı olarak kullanılıyor.

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kitguru logo February 20, 2019

At the end of last year, cyber security specialists at Sixgill told KitGuru that Epic Games’ lack of security was allowing criminals to pinch Fortnite accounts and effectively launder money. Despite catering to an entire store now, it seems as though the company is still lacking in this area as affected players continue to come forward.

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BGR India logo February 15, 2019

There have been reports of how Fortnite was being used by money launderers to change cash from black to white. And now according to a new report a group of hackers have used PUBG as a tool for communication in a heist they conducted where they stole $2.4 million in total. Local authorities have detained the culprits and have recovered 54,000 lira in cash and 1.3 million lira worth of cryptocurrency stolen from a domestic cryptocurrency company.

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RTBF logo February 15, 2019

Le jeu vidéo Fortnite, lancé en 2017, est devenu l’un des plus populaires au monde: fin 2018, il comptait plus de 200 millions de joueurs. Ce jeu, qui est disponible sur quasiment toutes les plateformes, est gratuit. Mais les joueurs peuvent progresser plus rapidement en achetant des V-bucks, une monnaie virtuelle qui sert à acquérir des objets ou des armes qui seront utilisés par les personnages du jeu. The Independant a révélé il y a quelques jours, avec l’aide de la société de cybersécurité Sixgill, que des malfaiteurs se servaient des V-bucks pour blanchir de l’argent sale.

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medcom logo February 14, 2019

Jakarta: Meskipun uang kripto atau cryptocurrency nilainya disebut semakin melesu tapi usaha pencurian lewat peretasan layanan bursa uang kripto tidak ikut sepi. Baru ini pencurian dalam nilai besar terjadi di Turki melibatkan kelompok berisikan 24 orang pelaku.
Dikutip dari media lokal Istanbul, Turki, Daily Sabah,telah terjadi pembobolan terhadap perusahaan uang kripto dengan nilai sebesar Turki Lira 13 juta atau setara USD2,47 juta (Rp34,9 miliar) pada tanggal 12 Februari lalu. Tim polisi siber langsung melalukan investigasi saat menerima laporan ini.

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Publico logo February 11, 2019

As eleições europeias de Maio estão a preocupar políticos e jornalistas pelo potencial da desinformação, termo generalizado na expressão inglesa fake news. Mas os ciberataques aos media têm também potencial para afectar a credibilidade jornalística.

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LADN France logo February 6, 2019

Le 17 janvier dernier, le chercheur en cybersécurité Troy Hunt a lâché une bombe sur web. Dans un long article posté sur son blog, il a raconté qu’il avait identifié un fichier contenant des millions de mails et de mots de passe. Ces derniers étaient facilement accessibles sur la plateforme de partage de fichier Mega. L’expert fouille un peu plus et découvre rapidement cinq autres collections de comptes. Au final, il met à jour la plus grande fuite de données personnelles de toute l’histoire du web avec 2,6 milliards de données sensibles

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CoinRivet logo February 4, 2019

Hackers are selling stolen log-in details for major media organisations – potentially allowing fraudsters to plant fake news or malware.

Intelligence analysts say dark web hackers are advertising the security details of news websites and agencies to allow buyers to post or edit content.

Cybersecurity expert Omer Carmi, director of Sixgill, told news publication Foreign Policy: “For anyone with a strategic will or the strategic motivation to do that, it is a piece of cake.

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Foreign Policy February 1, 2019

Computer security researchers have recently noticed a disturbing trend in the dark corners of the web: Hackers are increasingly advertising access to the websites of media organizations, offering to sell stolen credentials that would allow the buyer to edit and post articles or plant malware on their websites.

Gaining access to the content management systems of media organizations would potentially give hackers the ability to turn newspapers, wire services, and magazines into unwitting participants in disinformation operations

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ESPN logo January 21, 2019

Fortnite, o battle royale da Epic Games, trará de volta skins temáticas da NFL. Na semana do Super Bowl LIII entre Los Angeles Rams e New England Patriots, que jogarão no dia 03 de fevereiro, os uniformes dos finalistas estarão disponíveis no game por tempo limitado.

Sucesso na temporada regular em 2018, apesar do pouco tempo a disposição dos jogadores, os uniformes de Rams e Patriots estarão disponíveis a partir de 01 de fevereiro, mas ainda sem uma data certa para deixar o game. Fortnite recebe também o modo NFL Rumble Limited Time Mode, no qual dois times de 20 jogadores se enfrentam com os uniformes dos finalistas da NFL.

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entrepreneur logo January 22, 2019

According to a report by The Independent and cybersecurity firm Sixgill, digital murder isn’t the only crime being committed in the Fortnite universe. V-bucks, the in-game currency, are now being used to launder actual money from stolen credit cards.

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Hacking News logo January 21, 2019

Podcast: Noam Kehati, Cyber Intelligence Analyst at Sixgill, talks about interesting conversations she’s had with cybercriminals on the dark web as well as Sixgill’s research into dark web criminal activity.

Today’s Agenda is as follows:

  • About Sixgill
  • What is the dark web?
  • Mapping the dark web as a social network.
  • Conversations with cybercriminals.
  • How individuals and enterprises can protect their information.
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Bitsonline logo January 21, 2019

Last week, news site Axios published a report detailing how Israeli cybersecurity firm Sixgill had discovered Russian dark web forum postings where large amounts of international and American news sites’ admin login credentials were being sold.  While the credentials were priced in U.S. dollars in the postings in question, the Axios report didn’t delve into how purchases were conducted. Bitsonline reached out to Sixgill to see if cryptocurrencies were likely involved in related login sales, and the firm’s intelligence expert Alex Karlinsky said it was almost certain.

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YNET logo January 21, 2019

עבריינים בדארקנט הופכים את סנסציית הגיימינג פורטנייט , על כל 200 מיליון המשתמשים שלה, לקרקע פורייה להלבנת כספים מכרטיסי אשראי גנוביםכך טוענת חברת הסייבר הישראלית SixGill.

 בדו”ח שפרסמה החברה בנושא נכתב כי “המשחק הפופולרי תפס את עינם של עברייני הרשת, מה שהוביל להפיכתו למערכת עבריינית משגשגת. ככל שגדלה הפופולריות של המשחק, והמערכת הכלכלית סביבו הופכת למגוונת יותר – ההונאה במשחקים מסוג זה צפויה להיות נוכחת יותר“.

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NYP logo January 18, 2019

The virtual currency used by millions of gamers who play “Fortnite” has become popular with money laundering cybercriminals, according to reports. Money launderers use stolen credit cards to purchase V-bucks – which players use to purchase weapons, outfits and other items in the wildly popular game – from the “Fortnite” store and then resell them on the dark web. Agents with the cybersecurity firm Sixgill posed as customers and uncovered operations being conducted globally in Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Arabic and English.

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Darkwebnews logo January 18, 2019

Fortnite, a popular game that has members of all ages, has been associated lately with money laundering schemes, run by international criminal groups. The game has its own premium in-game currency called V-Bucks, which in this case was the main asset that helped to launder the money. An investigation done by The Independent and Sixgill, a cybersecurity firm, reveals that criminals buy these V-Bucks with stolen credit cards, and then they sell them again for cryptocurrency on the dark web as a way to ‘clean’ the money.

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crowdsource insider logo January 17, 2019

Criminals are using stolen credit cards to buy Fortnite “V-bucks” then sell it “in-bulk” on the dark net to wash the proceeds- and the company doesn’t seem to be doing much about it, say cybersecurity experts cited in The IndependentSixgill and The Independent conducted a collaborative investigation into the criminal use of Fortnite V-bucks.


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Axios logo January 15, 2019

Separate hackers on a Russian-language hacker forum have offered to sell access to the content management systems of bundles of news sites since October, notes Israeli threat intelligence firm Sixgill, which would give buyers the ability to edit or upload their own news stories. One offered access to 1,425 U.S. sites.

Why it matters: “We get a sense of urgency from looking at this stuff,” said Alex Karlinsky, a intelligence expert at Sixgill. “It may seem like a small thing, but in this era of political bots and trying to influence opinion, this is another way to do that.”

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Variety logo January 15, 2019

Criminals are turning to video game mega-hit “Fortnite” and its 200 million players as an easy way to launder cash from stolen credit cards, according to cyber intelligence firm SixGill.

“‘Fortnite’s’ format and popularity have drawn the attention of cybercriminals, and resulted in a thriving criminal eco-system around the game,” according to a report by the company. “As the game’s popularity increases and the financial system around it becomes more diverse, fraud involving games such as ‘Fortnite’ is likely to become more prevalent.

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Haaretz logo January 14, 2019

תחקיר של האינדיפנדנט חושף רשת פשיעה שמפתה שחקנים לרכוש את הכסף הפנימי של המשחק בהנחה, ומצליחה להלבין כך מאות אלפי דולרים

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Independent logo January 14, 2019

Criminals are using the hugely popular video game Fortnite to launder money through its in-game currency, The Independent can reveal. The online battle royale game has become popular with children and teenagers because it is free to play and available on every major gaming platform. But the money spent within the game to buy outfits, weapons and other items has also made it popular with cybercriminals. An investigation by The Independent into online black markets selling V-bucks, together with research by cyber security firm Sixgill, revealed the scale of the money laundering operations.

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LADN France logo January 7, 2019

Quoi de mieux qu’un jeu vidéo ultra populaire pour arnaquer des enfants ? Sur Fortnite, des escrocs blanchissent de l’argent volé sur le darknet en vendant de la monnaie virtuelle aux joueurs.

Avec ses 200 millions de joueurs, Fortnite est LE jeu vidéo qui cartonne. Cette popularité n’a évidemment pas échappé aux escrocs qui y voient une source inépuisable de pigeons à plumer et de revenus faciles. D’après la société de cybersécurité Sixgill, de nombreux criminels utiliseraient le système pour blanchir de l’argent volé.

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