Latest Hacking News Podcast #301: Interview With Galiad Israeli Cyber Threat Intelligence Specialist at Sixgill

An interview with Gilad Israeli, a Cyber Threat Intelligence Specialist at Sixgill, a leading Cyber Threat Intelligence company.


Latest Hacking News Podcast #256: Interview with Gilad Israeli of Sixgill – Compromised Chinese Rail Control System on Dark Web

Gilad Israeli, Cyber Threat Intelligence Specialist at Sixgill, talks to us about the discovery of an experienced threat actor selling access to a compromised Chinese rail control system on the dark web.


Off the Shelf Hacking Products

Cyber threat actors find a seemingly limitless supply of hacking tools and products in deep and dark web markets and forums. How far can an attacker go with a ready-made hacking tool that was bought on the dark web? Where would the attacker be from? And what are the most popular off-shelf hacking product these days?


The Global Cybercrime Industry – A Holistic View

The cybercriminal economy is based on a global illicit industry that, although unregulated, has well defined regions, suppliers, distributors, consumers, innovators, and end-users.

Join us for a qualitative view of cybercriminal hubs around the world – differentiating cultural and environmental factors, motivations, and what place each occupies in the cybercrime supply chain

DOWNLOAD RESOURCE February 20, 2019

Latest Hacking News Podcast #205: Interview with Noam Kehati of Sixgill

Noam Kehati, Cyber Intelligence Analyst at Sixgill, talks about interesting conversations she’s had with cybercriminals on the dark web as well as Sixgill’s research into dark web criminal activity.

Today’s Agenda is as follows:

  • About Sixgill
  • What is the dark web?
  • Mapping the dark web as a social network.
  • Conversations with cybercriminals.
  • How individuals and enterprises can protect their information.
DOWNLOAD RESOURCE January 21, 2019

How Cyber Criminals Stay Anonymous

Cybercriminals always strive to stay ahead of the curve. In this webinar, Alex Karlinsky will shed some light on the latest techniques they employ to stay under the radar of cyber security firms and law enforcement agencies.

DOWNLOAD RESOURCE January 19, 2019