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Cyber threats and Dark Web trends from the experts at Sixgill

The Emerging Threat of Amateur Hackers

How dangerous is a bored high school student armed with a keyboard and an attraction to hacking? Generally speaking, the run of the mill high school student probably has all he/she needs in order to carry out a simple cyber-attack on an unsecure server. The only question is: which target will they choose?

CVE Publishing – a Double-Edged Sword?

Although the practice of alerting the public with new CVEs is a crucial component in contemporary cyber-security strategy, Sixgill has identified a common practice in the Dark Web underground which indicates that publishing CVEs could turn out to be a double-edged sword.

The Dark Web as an Active Stage for Botnet Commerce

Cyber threat actors use darknet forums to find and participate in "botnet opportunities" which may be both for hacking purposes or for investments in cryptocurrency silent mining. The Dark Web has grown to be an active stage for botnet discussion and commerce, rendering botnet-based cyber-attacks more likely.

Dark Web Sites as a Platform for Hacktivist Warfare

Having identified the growing trend of these hacktivists to cause harm to their enemies through the publication and dissemination of breached data, a growing number of underground platforms are now dedicating sections on their sites for this purpose.

Will GDPR Aid Cyber Criminals?

Paypal and LinkedIn letting me know they updated their ToS to be GDPR compliant. Although these were legit, it is a great opportinity for cybercriminals to ride the wave and send fake letters that wil lead a victim to a phishing site or malware infection point.

Emerging Trends in Dark Net Markets

Every now and then, there is a high profile closure of a Dark Net market. The most famous such closure, of course, was of Silk Road. In 2017, two of the largest Dark Net markets, Alpha Bay and Hansa, were also closed down. But as history has shown, when one market closes, another opens. Vendors and customers will find their way to alternative sources as other markets will become popular and new ones will emerge.

Dark Web Intelligence with Sharp Teeth

We are reprinting here the blog from Beyond Search - News and information from about search and content processing - by Stephen Arnold, the author of the book the Dark Web Notebook.  SIXGILL: [...]

The Vulnerability of the Health Care Industry to Cyber Attacks

Similar to other verticals, the health care industry is vulnerable to cyberattacks that can cause tremendous damage, both to the medical organizations themselves and to their patients. Download new Sixgill Threat Report on the vulnerability of the Health Care Industry.

Understanding the Dark Web: The Potential Threat and What You Can Do About It

There is an inherent fear of the Dark Web, and with good reason. There are a lot of bad things going on: sale of drugs, weapons, stolen credit cards and identity theft and even worse. It is important to understand what the Dark Web is and how it works, what kind of threats exist and how you can protect your organization from them.

Intelligence Collection in the Dark Web: How Old school Intelligence Gathering is Different than Dark Web Monitoring, and How is it the Same

Perhaps the best way to deal with the dark web is to treat it as if it’s a cyber criminal intelligence source, like an old school organized crime meeting place or a den of drug dealers that needs to be infiltrated. With proper intelligence gathering techniques you stand a good chance to detect and shut down the next attack before it happens, rather than react to it once it does.

Bringing back Balance to the Web: News Content, Twitter Trolls, and Dark Web Criminals Show the Web is out of Whack

While we have built technological mechanisms that allow for a completely free flow of information, to do so anonymously and freely, there hasn’t been a sufficient focus on how to balance that free flow of information with a counterweight. The answer is not censorship. Rather, it must lie in building an understanding of the processes at work, and how we can balance the flow of information on the web without stopping it all together.

Proton – A New MAC OS RAT

Sixgill researchers have encountered a post in one of the leading, closed Russian cybercrime message boards. The author of the thread announced a RAT dubbed Proton, intended for installation exclusively on MAC OS devices. The author offered this product in one of the leading underground cybercrime markets. This report contains information about the malware.

Dark Web intelligence automation is key for effective security

Globally, the cybersecurity industry suffers from a shortage of between 1-2 million IT security workers. This shortage is even more acute when discussing threat intelligence, since this specific profession relies on years of experience and (usually) military or intelligence agency background.

Corporate Insiders – A Growing Cybercrime Threat

In the past couple of years, awareness to the existence of the Dark Web (or darknet) has risen dramatically, especially due to extensive media coverage of major events such as Silk Road’s demise, the subsequent arrest of its admin [...]