Cybersecurity is a fast-moving field, and not only in terms of its ever-evolving technologies. If you’re a cybersecurity professional looking to keep your career on track – or if you’re thinking of becoming a cybersecurity professional – it’s important to understand the state of the job market today.

More specifically, given how financially lucrative the field of cybersecurity can be, it’s especially critical to understand how much money you can expect to make and how you can maximize this figure – both in the short term and in the long run.

To shed light on the latest trends affecting the cybersecurity job market, we at Cybersixgill recently conducted a salary-focused survey of more than 300 cybersecurity professionals across a wide variety of roles and company types.

The full report is now available for download  on Cybersixgill’s website. We invite you to check it out for useful insights on how to make the most of your cybersecurity career.

A detailed breakdown and specific recommendations

The report provides a variety of actionable findings about the market for cybersecurity professionals, especially regarding salary. Among other details, it offers a breakdown of salary-related information across a variety of companies, roles, and experience levels. It also takes a look at the gender gap in cybersecurity, both in terms of representation in the workforce and in terms of salary.

The questions explored in the report include:

  • What is the overall salary range for cybersecurity professionals?
  • How do various cybersecurity-related roles compare as far as salary?
  • How have cybersecurity professionals’ salaries changed in the past year?
  • How do cybersecurity salaries differ between various types of companies?
  • How does the size of a company (and especially of its cybersecurity team) affect the average salary for cybersecurity professionals?
  • How do experience and education affect salaries among cybersecurity professionals?
  • How large is the gender gap in this field?
  • How much job stability do cybersecurity professionals feel that they have?

Most importantly, the report provides valuable insights for any cybersecurity professional looking to advance their career – not only by shedding light on which types of roles are the most lucrative financially, but also by examining how experience with specific tools can impact industry salaries. Check it out today for valuable insights to help you move your cybersecurity career forward.