On behalf of all of us at Cybersixgill, I would like to congratulate our Chief Marketing Officer, Meira Primes, on being recognized for her professional excellence by the 2021 Women in Business and the Professions World Awards. Meira has been announced as a Gold Globee winner, with the title of Top Woman of the Year in Business & The Professions in the Mentor category. 

As anyone who has had the privilege of working with Meira would understand, this award is a well-deserved recognition of her track record of success, leadership, and mentorship. We at Cybersixgill are thrilled to see that others are also taking note of her impressive achievements, her leadership in the fields of cybersecurity and tech marketing, and the initiative she takes in pushing these fields toward greater diversity, gender equality, and inclusivity.

A little background on this honor: The Women World Awards are given to women leaders in business and professional roles representing private companies and nonprofit organizations from around the world. They are given in a number of categories based on various dimensions of professional excellence, and they are presented following a judging process led by industry experts spanning a wide spectrum of professional experience and knowledge.

The newest winners will officially be honored in a virtual ceremony on December 10.


Mentoring Through the Glass Ceiling

Not only does Meira take pride in breaking through the glass ceiling that too often plagues the fields of tech in general and cybersecurity specifically – but she is passionate about shattering that ceiling completely. In her push for greater diversity and equality within these fields, she sees mentorship as a vital tool for making a positive difference.

With many years of experience in business realms that tend to be male-dominated, Meira is eager to share the benefits of her achievements with other women looking to thrive professionally and make positive change. She also brings to the table her own experience as a working mother of four, advocating for a healthy work/life balance that does not force excellent professionals to choose between their careers and their parental responsibilities.

No less importantly, she understands the business value that diversity offers cybersecurity companies – helping organizations like ours to deal effectively with a wide variety of threats. And she understands that in order to make the most of that diversity, these companies need to foster a culture of inclusivity in which collaboration brings together employees with all types of backgrounds and mindsets.

For us at Cybersixgill, it is not hard to see the results of that work every day. As participants in a cybersecurity business in which 40% of employees are women, we appreciate the contributions Meira continually makes to our company culture. And, as we enthusiastically applaud her on a recognition she so richly deserves, we also look forward to continuing to see her continue to lead, inspire, and mentor as she seeks to make cybersecurity a better field for all of us to call our professional home.

Congratulations, Meira!

For more on this exciting award, check out the full press release.