Agile Vulnerability Management with Cybersixgill Dynamic Vulnerability Exploit Score

See the threat emerging. Prioritize before it’s realized.

Predict the immediate risks of a vulnerability based on threat actors’ intent.

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“The DVE Score is a huge time saver. Not only can you drill in to identify the sources and content of real issues, but you don’t put time into things that aren’t issues or likely to become issues. Research that used to take a few hours now takes ten to fifteen minutes, if any research is done at all.”
- Global Threat Intelligence Lead
*This quote was taken from a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Cybersixgill in December 2021

Agile vulnerability management

Know The Score

Track threats from vulnerabilities that others define as irrelevant, but have a higher probability of being exploited. Gain total context with the only solution that predicts the immediate risks of a vulnerability based on threat actors’ intent.

Leverage best in
class collection
Gain unmatched
Get real-time
Prioritize faster
“Cybersixgill helped us to track and gain insight into dark & deep web intelligence. The coverage is incredible; compared to other vendors we used and tried, they have the best snapshot of dark & deep web forums, chats, and markets.”
- Fortune 500 Threat Intel Analyst

Visibility Into
Each Exploit

Learn more about the entire CVE lifecycle: pick up dark web chatter regarding the CVE (POC exploit codes from Github, closed sources, instant messaging apps etc), track CVE mention history, and see CVE rating updates as well as actual exploit history. 

Big Picture Insights

Gain a clear view about the vulnerability map, top CVE-related forums, CVE dynamic rating vs. CVSS 2.0 and more.

Explore And

Gain better understanding of each CVE: learn more about actors, tools, dates, mentions, tags, languages and more (portal only).

Vulnerability insights

The Score That Tells You More

The Cybersixgill Dynamic Vulnerability Exploit (DVE) Score is based on the probability of a vulnerability being exploited, through proven machine learning algorithms. It also contains actionable information and explanation for clear visibility into the score. Cybersixgill Portal users can further investigate to learn more about CVE popularity, potential exploits, relevant actors and more.

Real-Time Performance

Know an exploit is published or a vulnerability is discussed before threat actors even think of using it

Predict Exploit Probability

Track threats from CVEs that have a higher probability of being exploited by active threat actors in the cyber underground

Comprehensive Quality Collection

Omni-channel collection sourced from the largest collection of threat intelligence related to vulnerabilities

Take the Right Action

Leverage insights that allow proactive remediation and prevention

Agile vulnerability management

Accelerate Prioritization And Remediation

With the most comprehensive collection of vulnerability-related threat intelligence, organized and arranged for easy consumption, Cybersixgill brings visibility and clarity into the vulnerability management process to enable agile operations that are based on real-time data and insights. This accelerates VM teams, systems, and processes – maximizing their performance as well as their results.


  • Know which vulnerabilities will be targeted, up to 90 days before it happens
  • Get granular visibility, trending and insights
  • Gain hyper context on actors and their objectives


  • Determined based on the intent of the attacker and availability of the exploit
  • Continuously updated with relevant context regarding exploits


  • Pulled from the largest collection of intelligence from closed sources
  • Proven, evidence-based predictive scoring
  • Fully transparent to understand the data that drives the score
  • Actionable

CI/CP Compatible

  • Built-in portal integration
  • Further investigate to learn more about any CVE (popularity, potential exploits, relevant actors and more)
  • Generate fresh intelligence from newly found context
  • Customize by your assets and get notifications regarding relevant exploits

Under the hood

How It Works

The Cybersixgill DVE Score is derived from automated AI analysis of underground discourse on deep and dark web forums and is combined with intelligence from other sources, such as code repositories and technical know-how. This empowers you to track threats from CVEs that most others define as irrelevant or obsolete and have a higher probability of being exploited by active threat actors in the cyber underground.

Cybersixgill’s proprietary technology provides a complementary approach to NVD’s static CVSS score, adding a much-needed dimension of probability. It ultimately helps you answer that critical question: how likely will this CVE be exploited in the near future?