Episode 18: You Have Been Eaten By A Grue – What Do You Do Now?

May 27, 2022

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Welcome to the first of the Dungeons and Dragons (DnD) episodes! These will be a reoccurring theme within the Dr. Dark Web podcast series. In these segments we’re going to take a look at table top exercises, things that we can learn, things we can help others learn, discuss collaboration, cooperation, communication, and coordination, ALL while taking a few moments to walk you through some theoretical disasters (and some NOT so theoretical ones…)Now, figuring that I’m going to be sitting on the other side of your streaming experience enough as it is, I’m going to be joined by two more co-hosts, both amazing. One is already blazing a trail in the industry, and the other is a curmudgeon AND critically a dungeon master, so in theory we’ve got all the bases covered! Welcome Rachel and Josh!So, what better way to begin this journey than by taking a look around the room, working out whom your key IT/InfoSec individuals are, and killing off a couple of them to see how you cope? Welcome TO “you’ve been eaten by a Grue”. We’ve all been there, that moment when we realize we didn’t back up the password system, that we’re the only one with the keys to the kingdom, OR we’ve been woken up at 2am because we’re the only one with the account access… yep, let’s explore this, welcome to being the single point of failure, and how using some thoughts, ideas, and a little intelligence can save a LOT of pain and suffering.’see you all in the dark!

Podcast Experts

  • Name:  Rachel Arnold and Josh Arnold
  • What they do: Rachel is the Director of Business Operations and Strategy at Activision Blizzard; Josh is the Security Operations Analyst at SharkNinja.
  • Where to find them: Rachel: LinkedIn|Josh: LinkedIn 

Podcast Insights

🎙️ A merchant, a warlock, a bard, and a paladin are trapped in a room in the middle of the woods. The first Dungeons and Dragons session starts with Josh, the dungeon master, introducing us to the game. ”We start with your party escaping the rain, and you find a small door out in the woods. It’s a pair of short granite doors. Beyond this pair of granite doors lies a small room. At least you believe it to be a room. The chamber is filled with almost supernatural darkness, and you’re unable to even see your appendages — even though they’re mere inches from your face. As you enter the room, you hear a low growl, which seems to fill the entirety of the room, echoing off the walls.”

🎙️ The paladin is on the first watch, but the bard doesn’t trust him. Although full of suspicion, the characters agree that the dungeon they found is the best option to spend the night and rest. The paladin of keys insists on taking the first watch, but the bard decides to stay awake. However, a moment of inattention changes everything; the paladin is dead. ”It’s almost as if the teeth and the eyes are giving off a little bit of light, and you see a little bit of red around the teeth and your paladin’s leg dangling over the bottom set of the teeth.”

🎙️ One spell leads to exciting discoveries. The merchant and the warlock wake up, and the warlock gets the chance to use the spell that illuminates the room. The characters see a table in the front of the room, a pot of ashes, and torches on one wall. It’s time to investigate. ”The inventory of the ashes so far is a set of keys that we haven’t verified yet, a sword that is non-magical but well-made, and a book of what we now know as our spells,” says Rachel. Chris adds, “And don’t forget the paladin’s leg.”