Episode 19: The How-to and Why of Beyond the Headline Reports with Ilana Touboul, the Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst at Cybersixgill

June 02, 2022

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Episode Summary

Even though cyber attacks are constantly targeting private and official organizations, companies still don’t concentrate on cybersecurity as much as they should. 

Therefore, companies such as Cybersixgill create reports to help their customers learn about potential cyber risks and act proactively so as to prevent severe attacks. 

Ilana Touboul, the Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst at Cybersixgill, joins Chris and Dani to discuss Beyond the Headline Reports in this episode of Dr. Dark Web. She explains the tactics and criteria for collecting information for reports and the purpose of these documents. 

Podcast Expert

  • Name: Ilana Touboul
  • What she does: Ilana is a Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst at Cybersixgill.
  • Company: Cybersixgill
  • Noteworthy: Ilana has experience in technical documentation and user guide building for military and civilian end users. She converts complex notions into understandable and user-friendly documentation. 
  • Where to find Ilana: LinkedIn

Podcast Insights

🎙️Creating Beyond the Headline Reports involves a lot of learning. As an analyst at Cybersixgill, Ilana’s day-to-day job involves collecting data for daily reports that cover different cybersecurity topics. These can be recent attacks or developments from specific threat actors, including ransomware gangs. ”There’s a lot of research. I always learn with it, and I dive deeper and understand more about specific events, attacks, and modus operandi of specific threat actors. And it’s very interesting.”

🎙️Malicious tools often come at lower prices. Chris and Illana discuss the DarkCrystal Remote Access Trojan, a new tool advertised on underground forums. The thing that differentiates it from similar solutions, as Illana explains, is its low price. ”The developer of this remote access Trojan may increase his reputation among the cybercriminal community. And this is why he sets very low prices for this tool — to gain credibility and increase his reputation as a threat actor. Afterwards, I think he may develop more features and plugins to these remote access Trojans and assign higher prices.”

🎙️Cybersecurity must be on every company’s agenda. Technology advances not only  in favor of hackers but also their opponents. Therefore, as companies become more and more aware of the threats coming from the web, they must train their staff to act adequately once faced with any cyber risk. ”I think it’s very important to train them to be aware of the emerging threats and remain aware of all the developments of major operators of malware.”