Episode 23: Knowledge Sharing and Giant Green Dragons – What Do You Do Next?

July 14, 2022

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Episode Summary

Welcome to another Dungeons and Dragons session on Dr. Dark Web. Rachel Arnold and Josh Arnold are with us again to play with another guest, Brad Liggett. Without further ado, let’s hear about the obstacles Rachel, Chris, Brad, and Dani face at this time and how they overcome them. 

Podcast Expert

  • Podcast host: Chris Roberts
  • Podcast guests: Rachel Arnold, Josh Arnold, and Brad Liggett

Podcast Insights

🎙️ A new character appears. As Josh introduces the three characters from the first session, he presents a new character. “Who is this handsome guy on the platform? Let’s make friends with a handsome person on a platform. Either that or we’re gonna throw something at him. We can throw a paladin’s leg at him if you want,” Chris says. Dani adds, ”I am a little weary of Brad’s intent. […] So maybe we should stick Brad with a pointy stick.”

🎙️Can they trust each other? Our three ”old” characters worry about whether they can trust the newbie, and Brad thinks the same. Rachel says, “I’m thinking if I’m Brad, there are four of us standing here, and I just watched somebody slice their finger off and hardly batted an eye. So I’m thinking, ‘Ooh, maybe friend-shape, but not friendly. Who knows?'” Brad says, “Now, as a fellow bard though, I will give you a kind of a nod, and if you’re potentially willing to help in this situation, maybe I’d be willing to help you as well.”

🎙️ A dragon wakes up; now what? Just before the end of the session, our characters find themselves in front of the giant green dragon, while looking for ways to be alive and stay safe. They list the things they could offer to the dragon in return for their lives and find a way out of the cave. “I was thinking perhaps that I’m just starving at this point, and I’ve got this paladin’s leg in front of me that I’m ready to devour. So maybe it’s a good peace offering,” suggests Brad.