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Your Eyes in
the Dark web


Your advantage


By continuously tracking & discovering communication nodes across evolving darknets, we trace malicious activity back to their original sources.


Our proprietary technology makes us invisible to cyber criminals. Sixgill’s hidden service locators pinpoint and track illegal hideouts without detection.


We track criminal activity along the entire cyber crime cycle. From target selection, reconnaissance and planning, to the actual sale of information or goods.


Fully Automated Intelligent monitoring algorithms provide deeper reach, more comprehensive analysis, and prioritized real-time alerts.

Your attackers
in sight

DARK-i is a cyber intelligence platform that analyzes Dark Web activity undetectably and autonomously. The platform has the ability to detect cyber attacks and sensitive data leaks originating from the Dark Web, and eliminate them before they occur. Our platform also provides clients with this information through prioritized real-time alerts.

DARK-i creates profiles of Dark Web malicious actors mapping their hidden social networks and their behavior patterns, to analyze their activity. Through autonomous monitoring of closed, open, and hybrid dark web forums, we mine and analyze big data which allows us to identify potential criminals and terrorists with accuracy and depth.

Gaining Advanced Capabilities

We understand Dark Web Social Networks.
We understand WHAT makes the Dark Web actors tick, HOW they operate, WHERE do their social networks exist, WHERE they want to attack you and so much more… Dark Web Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) is critical to your active defense… it enable you to gather valuable insights based on the analysis of contextual and situational risks; it’s tailored to your organization’s specific threat landscape and paints the bigger picture for key decision makers.

The fully automated DARK-i unique HSL (Hidden Service Locators) identify and analyze undetected hideouts within the Dark Web’s social networks. It monitors closed, open, and hybrid forums, illicit marketplace trading – detecting threats at their earliest planning stages.

DARK-i profiles and identifies threat actors and predicts patterns of behaviour and potential threatening activities based on reputation, status, and past events.

By assembling the fragments of truncated interactions conducted between Dark Web actors, Dark-i connects the dots and deciphers illicit, otherwise undetected, messages being exchanged between criminals.

DARK-i distills and extracts customized client-critical information so that there’s no irrelevant data crowding the system. The platform collects, extracts, and prioritizes the most relevant information for its clients, based on the severity of the threat.

The platform provides prioritized and targeted alerts, enabling you to take proactive steps to eliminate and mitigate your threats.

Versatility in Deployment