Seamlessly Integrated Machine-Readable Threat Intelligence

Cybersixgill’s Application Programming Interface (API) suite provides direct, programmatic access to our market-leading threat intelligence data, integrating seamlessly into your existing workflows and system architectures.

Supporting multiple data types, use cases and processes across departments, our threat intelligence optimizes the efficiency of your cyber security operations.

Improve Your Attack Surface Visibility

Incorporate our threat intelligence API into your wider security ecosystem to gain a holistic view of your organizational attack surface and drive streamlined, orchestrated security automation responses to imminent threats. 

Access the contextualized data you need, filtered and packaged by use case.

Easily integrate our full body of threat intelligence into existing tech stacks

Expand and add use case packages as your business grows

Flexible API Integration

Our APIs are designed to seamlessly fit within your organization’s unique internal ecosystem.

Access relevant, real-time threat intelligence through a RESTful API in JSON and HTML

Leverage existing integrations with our partner platforms including industry leading SIEM, SOAR, TIP, XDR, SSE, SASE, EDR and vulnerability management solutions to build automated playbooks and workflows that enhance the productivity of your existing security stack

Our experts can customize your feed to create specialized intelligence-driven applications and initiatives that meet your business needs

Our API Integrations Support The Following Use Cases

Automated Monitoring

Real time alerts of potential threats to your organization and third-party associates


Machine-to-machine feed of malicious IOCs extracted and delivered as they surface on the underground


Uncover exposed assets, malicious IOCs and threat actor mentions targeting your organization

Threat Hunting

Access real-time intel on emerging underground developments, detailed threat actor profiles and trending TTPs

Data Leak

Discover and remediate exposed company data or credentials to prevent fines, legal action and reputational damage


Receive critical insights into compromised financial accounts/information, credit card fraud trends and crypto-intelligence

Vulnerability Exploit Intelligence

Context-rich CVE insights including exploit availability, chatter, urgency and critical intelligence attributes to drive prioritization

MSSPs and

Scalable CTI with multi-tenant architecture to effectively manage multiple clients with advanced case management and cross-team collaborative functionalities

Our Data, Your Way

Our threat intelligence can be seamlessly integrated into your existing SIEM, SOAR, XDR, TIP, SSE, SASE and EDR solutions and is also available through leading MSSPs. Should you require a bespoke integration, our team of experts can build this for you within 7 days. Our technical alliances include: