Prioritize emerging threats before it’s realized.

Predict the immediate risks of a vulnerability based on threat actors’ intent.

Leverage best in class collection

Gain unmatched visibility

Get real-time predictions

Prioritize faster

“This is jetfuel for vulnerability management!”

Chris Roberts, vCISO & Researcher

The Dynamic Vulnerability Exploit Score (DVE) transforms your vulnerability prioritization with exceptional accuracy, adding an essential layer of context based on actors’ intent. Due to the most comprehensive deep and dark web threat intelligence collection, you get real-time visibility and understanding of the vulnerabilities that interest threat actors the most. DVE’s contextual vulnerability intelligence is stunningly comprehensive and accurate. The audit trail provides the rationale behind the score, including POC exploit codes for zero day vulnerabilities – so you can understand and make better decisions – even for vulnerabilities with no CVSS rating. Smart tags and filtering allow you to quickly and easily investigate, enrich and integrate it with your remediation processes and methodologies.

Consume IOCs and threats from vulnerabilities, directly and easily inside your security platform (machine-to-machine)

Supercharge your security/VM platform with real-time contextual data on IOCs and CVEs

Receive automated early warnings of new malware threats and new CVE’s, even before NVD scored it

Level-up vulnerability prioritization, patching cadence, and threat hunting for malicious IOCs

Better understand the vulnerabilities’ lifecycle, malware TTPs and trends

“The DVE Score is a huge time saver. Not only can you drill in to identify the sources and content of real issues, but you don’t put time into things that aren’t issues or likely to become issues. Research that used to take a few hours now takes ten to fifteen minutes, if any research is done at all.”

– Global threat intelligence lead

*This quote was taken from a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Cybersixgill in December 2021

Audit trail

AI that can explain its rationale

Each CVE that has been scored is backed by an audit-trail, explaining the DVE’s reasoning for the score. This audit-trail gives security teams visibility into the objective evidence powering the prioritization of the vulnerability. This insight makes it easier to justify actions to peers and superiors within their organization while providing visibility and governance like never before.

Under the hood

How It Works

The Cybersixgill DVE Score is derived from automated AI analysis of underground discourse on deep and dark web forums and is combined with intelligence from other sources, such as code repositories and technical know-how. This empowers you to track threats from CVEs that most others define as irrelevant or obsolete and have a higher probability of being exploited by active threat actors in the cyber underground.

Cybersixgill’s proprietary technology provides a complementary approach to NVD’s static CVSS score, adding a much-needed dimension of probability. It ultimately helps you answer that critical question: how likely will this CVE be exploited in the near future?

The Cybersixgill DVE Score is available as a feed through the Cybersixgill Investigative Portal or through an API. 

It can seamlessly integrate with all major Threat Intelligence Platforms (TIP), Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) and Vulnerability Management (VM) platforms.  

Enabling the world’s leading security platforms