Does the CTI you use, make that much difference?

As advances in technology enable security practitioners to ‘shift left’ in the war against cybercrime, applying more proactive strategies that protect their environment, cyber threat intelligence also needs to evolve. Yet our latest industry survey reported teams are still struggling with alert fatigue and issues accessing the intelligence they need to pursue their core objectives.
Cybersixgill have been disrupting the threat intelligence market for a number of years, applying automation, AI and machine learning to collect threat data from the clear, deep and dark web, however teams (whether knowingly or not), still opt to use vendors supplying OSINT or deploying manual data collection methods.
To understand the difference a change of approach to CTI can yield, we commissioned Forrester to analyze our solution and take an impartial view regarding the economic impact it has on security organizations.
The results are staggering. Download the full report to learn more.

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