Achieve 311% ROI with Cybersixgill Threat Intelligence

The Total Economic Impact™ of Cybersixgill
December 2021

Dark web threat intelligence and analysis has never been this quick, easy and rewarding.

While underground criminal forums and the dark web are well-known threats to organizations, cybersecurity teams lack the access and resources to collect the data needed to proactively address them.

To tackle this challenge, Cybersixgill’s dark web threat intelligence arm cybersecurity teams with real-time, contextual dark web data to enable them to perform threat intelligence analysis utilizing their existing skillsets.

We understand that choosing a threat intelligence solution is a big and complex decision.

To help companies evaluate the potential financial impact of Cybersixgill on their organizations, we reached out to Forrester Consulting.

The results of the study provide decision-makers with a simple analysis of the benefits, costs and risks associated with Cybersixgill’s threat intelligence.

Using their Total Economic Impact (TEI) methodology, the professionals at Forrester analyzed the experiences that two of our customers have had using Cybersixgill at their enterprise to analyze dark web data and eliminate threats before they become incidents.

Read the full study to discover the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying Cybersixgill.

*This material is a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Cybersixgill

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