Taking Threat Intelligence to the Next Level

We are living in exciting times, in a point in history when finally humanity can use automation to solve some of its most important problems. Automation is a means, not an end. In the cybersecurity world, it’s a way to bridge the ever growing expertise gap that every tech executive faces nowadays.

By 2021, there will be 3.5 million open cybersecurity jobs out there, with analysis-related jobs comprising 10% of open jobs in the U.S. (CyberSeek.org) If you think you’re drowning in information and can’t cope with the data explosion now, just wait.

That’s why organizations must look for new and innovative ways to achieve more with less – to embark on a quest to change their basic thinking and adapt new approaches. Every minute counts here.

The Agile Analyst Handbook is packed with knowledge, advice and even cool stories, to give you the tools to identify your organization’s maturity level and take the right actions in order to level up threat intelligence operations.

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