The Top 5 Cyber Risks

How to Prevent & Protect with Threat Intelligence

In 2020, the US cybersecurity market size was valued at USD 58.5 billion, taking the lion’s share in a global market size of USD 167.13 billion. The United States is also the most expensive country in regards to the average cost of a data breach – USD 8.64 million vs. the global average of USD 3.86 million.

It’s therefore no wonder that cybersecurity leaders are constantly in a race for better tools, knowledge, and methodologies to stay ahead of the threat curve. And as the cybersecurity industry continues to expand (expected to grow at a CAGR of over 12.9% between 2019 and 2026, reaching a whopping USD 13.9 billion), professionals are quickly realizing the potential uses of threat intelligence and how it propels cybersecurity operations with its people, platforms, and processes.

The purpose of this eBook is to provide valuable insight into the top five cybersecurity risks, and how threat intelligence can help you detect and prevent them. More importantly, this overview is intended to help cybersecurity executives such as yourself determine what needs to be done in your own organization to maximize the efficiency of cybersecurity programs and the return on your security investment.

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  • How threat intelligence can work as a force multiplier for incident management and response
  • How to reduce your organization’s Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) attack surface
  • What you can do to defend against leaked credentials and Account Takeover (ATO) attacks
  • The most effective means to manage vulnerabilities and prioritize patching decisions
  • Ways to keep your brand safe from impersonation, data leakage, website defacement and reputational damage

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