This is the third and final ebook that will help catapult your deep and dark web research capabilities to the next level. In part 1, we covered the basics: definitions, who’s active on the deep and dark web, what are they doing there, and more.

Part 2 takes things a step further and arms you with more advanced knowledge in deep and dark web research. Part 2 was all about the methodology: the strategies and best practices top deep and dark researchers and analysts use.

In this ebook, you’ll tie everything together and unlock the technical knowledge needed to transform investigations with the Cybersixgill API and Investigative Portal.

After reading this ebook you’ll master:

  • Building a query in the Investigative Portal
  • The six elements of investigation
  • Tying it all together
  • The Cybersixgill’s API
  • Leveraging items and aggregations

*Cybersixgill’s account is needed to perform the investigations detailed in this eBook.


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