How to Protect Critical Assets Through Systematic, Proactive Threat Intelligence

Whether your company relies on threat hunting on a full-time basis, works with contractors as needed, or does not currently use this approach to cybersecurity at all, it is useful for today’s cybersecurity professionals to understand what threat hunting entails and the benefits it provides.

Not only can this information help you decide whether (and when, where, and how) to turn to threat hunting, but it can shed light on the proactive tools you may have at your disposal to protect your company from cyberthreats.

Download the guide today to learn:

  • What tools and information you need before you can start planning for threat hunting.
  • How to set priorities and build a threat-hunting road map.
  • The six steps involved in a threat hunt and how to perform them effectively.
  • How you can make the most of the information you gather through threat hunting.

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