The digital world is growing at an alarming rate – and the cybercrime world is no different. Threat actors and various groups keep getting better – faster. Consequently, cybersecurity teams are battling on an overwhelming number of digital fronts. Whether it’s a financial institution trying to cope with constantly increasing volumes of leaked credit cards, a hospital looking to patch its critical vulnerabilities, or an enterprise hoping to prevent the next data breach, the current approach to threat intelligence struggles to keep up with the realities of the cybercrime threat landscape.

Data from Dark Reading’s The State of Threat Intelligence 2021 survey indicates that while threat intelligence is maturing and prevalent at organizations, many struggle with data quality issues, the context around threats, and making intelligence data actionable within their security operations center (SOC) and other security functions.

And while the area of deep and dark threat intelligence is gaining traction across the cybersecurity industry, many are struggling with a large knowledge gap regarding deep and dark web intelligence collection, the importance of intel freshness, and the speed and rate of collections – and their overall impact on an organization’s cybersecurity programs and posture.

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