Discussions of all things related to gaming thrive on the deep and dark web. On underground forums and messaging apps such as Discord and Telegram, gamers exchange reviews about the latest games, swap strategies, or simply socialize with their fellow gamers.

The deep and dark web is popular with gamers because most of their users belong to the same demographic—young and computer-savvy. And while much of gaming-related discourse is innocuous, there is a tremendous amount that violates terms of service of games and challenges their integrity, such as cheats and hacking tools, which can be used to win game and even tournament prizes. Even worse, there are many items that are outright illegal, such as breached accounts, gift card generators, and services for DDoS attacks against game servers and for doxing rival gamers.

This report takes a look at the overall quantities in Cybersixgill’s collection of intelligence items from the gaming world, and a closer look at several troubling types of activities.

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