The education industry holds an incredible amount of sensitive data, that when found in the possession of the wrong hands, can cause severe damage to both the institution and the victims involved. The industry faces rather unique threats in that the consumers of
the educational products and services are sometimes also the hackers.

Dark web chatter around education consists of multiple topics, including data leaks, ransomware, services, compromised or fraudulent accounts, and fraudulent use of eLearning platforms.

Since 2017, Cybersixgill has observed an upwards trend in mentions of school, edu, college, university, With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic forcing most schools to conduct their lessons remotely, it would not be unreasonable to assume that as schools re-open, the amount of underground chatter around education also increases.

This report highlights some of the most popular education topics among threat actors in the underground and recommendations that can help prevent cyberattacks.

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