The energy industry is an important component in our everyday lives, from powering various forms of transportation and keeping the lights on in our home, to supporting the critical infrastructure of a country. Given the importance of the sector, it is of little surprise that the industry remains of interest to threat actors.

The energy sector is particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks, as the attack surface can be particularly large with multiple facilities over a large geography, remote systems, and 3rd party vendors across an extended supply chain, providing various entry points.

While there are a myriad of cyber-security challenges that the energy sector faces, this report will focus on these challenges as it relates to the free flow of information on the deep and dark web. On the underground, discourse around the energy sector generally comprises of selling various entry ways into a network for threat actors to conduct additional attacks or conduct ransomware operations, leaked data, and discussing vulnerabilities for SCADA/ICS systems.

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