REVEALED: The Secrets of Top Performing Analysts

Learn how to think like a threat actor

Cybersecurity is a sector under constant pressure. Organizations rely heavily on professionals to analyze, prioritize, test and devise new strategies and tactics to stay ahead of the threat curve.

If you’re an analyst, you’re on a fast track to success, but fast doesn’t mean easy – most analysts report fatigue and burning-out due to the high-stress nature of the job. Taking your career to the next level requires tenacity and grit. To help you get one step closer to your next career goal, we have interviewed some of the top performing analysts in the sector to uncover their secrets to success.  

In our latest ebook you will learn how to: 

  • Level-up your critical thinking, decision making, and communication skills and avoid the pitfalls of over-analyzing.
  • Cultivate multi-vector knowledge and raise your visibility to further your career in cyber.
  • Harness your inner analyst and adopt a threat actor mindset to drive performance.


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Proactively Block Threats Before They Materialize Into Attacks

Cybersixgill has proven to have the broadest threat intelligence collection capabilities available, covertly extracting data from a wide range of sources including content from limited-access deep and dark web forums and markets, invite-only messaging groups, code repositories, paste sites and clear web platforms. We enrich this data with context to provide security teams with comprehensive insight into the nature and source of each threat.

Choose A Solution That’s Right For You

Our market-leading threat intelligence can be consumed through various solutions and integrations, each addressing critical customer pain points and use cases. Each solution is scalable, searchable and seamlessly integrated into existing security stacks, quickly arming your team with accurate, relevant and actionable insights.

DVE Intelligence

An end-to-end vulnerability exploit intelligence solution that streamlines vulnerability analysis, prioritization and remediation

  • The most accurate assessment of exploitation probability, urgency & impact
  • Intel-driven risk-score, continuously updated to reflect changing events
  • Supports all phases of the CVE lifecycle
  • CPE-level specificity
  • MITRE ATT&CK classification

API Integration

Seamlessly integrate our market-leading threat intelligence directly into your existing workflows and systems, customizable per your needs

  • Accessible via a RESTful API in JSON and HTML
  • Supports multiple use cases, processes, and business needs
  • Build automated playbooks and workflows across your security stack to optimize operations
  • Customize to create specialized applications

Investigative Portal

Gain secure, covert access to our complete body of collected intel from the clear, deep and dark web with our SaaS Investigative Portal

  • Advanced search & investigation capabilities
  • All-inclusive price for unrestricted access to our context-rich intelligence & detailed threat actor profiles
  • No limits to search results, unlike other threat intelligence vendors
  • Relevant, real-time, high-fidelity data to accelerate Mean-Time- to-Detect