Unleash your performance

Eliminate alert fatigue and preemptively protect your organization by cutting through the noise, prioritizing alerts/attacks to uncover the golden nuggets and accelerate your time to remediation with the only fully automated underground intelligence solutions out there.

Increase output

Optimize time management. Cover more, faster. Reduce detection and mitigation time.

Focus on what matters most

Identify the real security incidents. Minimize false-positives.

Proactively preempt

Automate workflows, trigger playbooks. Respond quickly and thoroughly.

Agile solutions
for elite analysts

Stay on top of the game, generate quality intel, and find the golden nuggets that will make you heard in the organization.

Power-Up Your Tools

Be it SIEM, SOAR, TIP, VM or firewalls, you can maximize ROI from the tools by feeding them unmatched intelligence.

The Struggle is Real: 5 challenges every CISO faces and a way to to tackle them with agile threat intelligence

Learn how to tackle the top 5 challenges every CISO faces in their career. Effectively manage the huge amount of data points, accelerate threat detection and response by implementing a continuous, fast, iterative, and smart methodology.


ESG Showcase: Sixgill and Threat Intelligence Modernization

A new report from ESG explains why today’s threat intelligence teams struggle to keep up with the threats they face and how can Sixgill can help.