Win the game of security

Cybersixgill helps some of the global gaming leaders redefine their risk management, user experience and trust with unparalleled speed and scale. You can be one of them.

Maintain game integrity, minimize fraud, drive revenue

Cybersixgill provides real-time intelligence, visibility and insights into gaming related fraud to help detect, prevent and protect from:

Cheats and hacking tools
Breached accounts
Gift card
DDos attacks on game servers
DDos attacks on game servers
Doxing rival gamers
Vitual theft
Money laundering
Cracked games

A game-changer for the gaming

Cybersixgill combines machine learning, natural language processing and automated data collection in order to provide advanced warnings and actionable insights that empower gaming leaders to create scalable solutions that meet security requirements and also create unforgettable user experience. Cybersixgill offers advanced warnings and actionable insights about cheats and hacking tools available on the deep and dark web, breached accounts, gift cards generators, cracked games and more.

Stay ahead of the game

Cybersixgill takes threat intelligence to a whole new level of scalability with sophistication that creates a smoother customer experience while meeting the strictest of compliance regulation with unparalleled fraud detection abilities. Cybersixgill’s fully automated collection provides early warning enabling you to keep the integrity of your games, prevent server DDoS attacks, disable cheats and more.

Agile threat intelligence: supercharging
the frontrunners of digital transformation

“Sixgill has quickly become key in our security stack. It had an immediate positive effect on our security operations, and, as a result, our bottom line”

VP of Trust, global 2000 gaming leader

Automated Collection - threat intelligence game changer!

OpenBullet: The Threat Actor’s New Magic Bullet

This threat report analyzes one of the most widely shared cracking tools on the deep and dark web: OpenBullet.


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