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Today’s most advanced automatic Dark Web CTI Platform


Our proprietary technology makes us invisible to cyber criminals. We developed hidden service locators that pinpoint and track illegal Dark Web hideouts.


By continuously tracking & discovering communication nodes across evolving darknets, we trace malicious activity back to their original sources.


We monitor criminal activity from start to finish. From target selection, reconnaissance and planning, to the actual sale of information or goods.


Fully Automated Intelligent monitoring algorithms provide deeper reach, more comprehensive analysis, and prioritized real-time alerts.


Cyber threat actors find a seemingly limitless supply of hacking tools and products in deep and dark web markets and forums. How far can an attacker go with a ready-made hacking tool that was bought on the dark web? Where would the attacker be from? And what are the most popular off-shelf hacking product these days?

Gilad will discuss all these issues and will present some of the latest trends in the hackers’ market.

Sixgill in the News

Computer security researchers have recently noticed a disturbing trend in the dark corners of the web: Hackers are increasingly advertising access to the websites of media organizations, offering to sell stolen credentials that would allow the buyer to edit and post articles or plant malware on their websites.

“For anyone with a strategic will or the strategic motivation to do that, it is a piece of cake,” said Omer Carmi, Director of intelligence for Sixgill, a cybersecurity firm.


Threat actors are constantly looking for quick and easy ways to commit fraud, and document forgery is a significant part of that effort.
These fake documents can serve a number of illicit purposes, from providing proof of residence for a false identity, through creating legitimate business accounts under that identity, to even traveling internationally using fake biometric passports.



Our team of world-class intelligence experts leverages their vast experience in the cyber defense industry, and a their proven track record in breaking the ciphers of the Dark Web underworld. We understand the complexities and intricacies of the Dark Web, what makes its entities tick and where to find them.


Utilizing advanced algorithms, Sixgill’s cyber intelligence platform provides organizations with continuous monitoring, prioritized real time alerts and actionable Dark Web intelligence.


Together with an outstanding engineering team, consisting of specialists in the fields of artificial intelligence, natural language processing, machine learning and data mining, we have created today’s most sophisticated cyber intelligence platform for the Dark Web.


We provide only highly distilled, contextual, and critical information to our clients and their specific needs.

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