Forget everything you know about threat intelligence

Accelerate. Preempt. Investigate.

Connect the dots.
Read between the lines.
Know what’s out there.

Empower your teams to detect more phishing, data leaks and fraud – better. Level-up vulnerability assessment, enhance incident response, and provide stronger brand protection with exclusive access to the most comprehensive, fully automated underground data lake.

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of leaked Credentials

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from dark web sources

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from instant messaging apps

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Automated threat Intelligence
for the modern threatscape

Sixgill automatically extracts and correlates billions of datasets from the underground and provides them to you in a digestible way so you can make better security decisions and take action – faster.

Enabling the world’s leading security platforms

Premium Threat Intelligence Solutions

Premium threat
intelligence solutions.
Unparalleled capabilities.

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December 14, 2020

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November 4, 2020

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