Monitor Emerging Cyber Risks Threatening Your Organization In Real-Time

Combining unparalleled threat data collection capabilities with search functionality and automation, the Cybersixgill SaaS Investigative Portal delivers unmatched contextual visibility into the clear, deep and dark web.

Unrestricted access to Cybersixgill’s complete body of threat intelligence

Covertly uncover threat actor activity in any language, format and platform with exclusive and real-time access to the largest database of deep, dark and clear web activity on the market.

Our proprietary algorithms infiltrate and extract threat intelligence data from the most extensive base of sources, including limited-access deep & dark web platforms, invite-only messaging groups, paste sites, underground markets, code repositories, deleted posts and much more.

The Cybersixgill threat intelligence portal

Cost Savings & Business Benefits Reported by Forrester

Cybersixgill commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct an independent Total Economic ImpactTM (TEI) study, examining the savings enterprises may realize by deploying Cybersixgill. Following their research and interviews with Cybersixgill customers, the following business benefits were reported:

Return on Investment (ROI)

saving over 3 years by avoiding staff expansion to meet growing threat intelligence business demands

reduction in employee hours collecting, analyzing and understanding threat data

Why Cybersixgill Is Different


Other Vendors

Threat Intelligence Collection

Fully automated, real-time intelligence collection, extraction and indexing – promising more data, less blindspots and greater value generation for customers.

Collect data using obsolete, manual approaches that rely on humans to search for and extract intelligence and fail to continuously detect threats. 

Access To Threat Intelligence & Data

Provides complete and unrestricted access to our complete body of contextual threat intelligence, empowering customers to conduct their own independent investigations and regain control
of their cybersecurity program.

Manually curated reports and feeds which do not provide the full intelligence picture regarding the nature and source of each threat, forcing clients to make critical decisions with little information.

Speed of Collection

Provides actionable and relevant threat alerts
in real-time, minutes after it has surfaced
on the underground, along with actionable recommendations for remediation. 

Significant time-lag between detection and
alert, by which time the threat has likely been weaponized and the incident may have
already occurred. 

Scalability & Cost

Fully scalable solution with transparent pricing and no limits to search results

Limited ability to deliver scale. Complex pricing packages are tied into a restricted number of search results. 

Covertly Search The Deep, Dark & Clear Web

The Cybersixgill Investigative Portal is a cloud-based SaaS platform with a user friendly interface, giving teams full visibility into the cybercriminal underground.

Advanced Google-like search and filtering

Detailed analysis of malware strains

Over 7 million detailed threat actor profiles, including APTs and ransomware groups

Integrated mapping to the MITRE ATT&CK framework

Translation toggle supports all languages

Flexible multi-tenancy support for MSSPs

Share intel across your organization and support multiple users to manage investigations

Automated alerts classification as imminent or emerging, triggered by your organizational assets

What Our Customers Are Saying

Threat Intelligence Use Cases

Cyber Incidents Prevention, Detection + Incident Response

Cybersixgill equips security teams with the immediate deep, dark and clear web intel they need to detect potential threats and incidents at the earliest stage of the malicious supply chain, with contextual insight into the nature, source, immediacy and severity of each threat.

Ransomware, Malware & Compromised Access

Cybersixgill continuously monitors ransomware forums, markets and Dedicated Leaks Sites (DLS) to provide critical insight regarding the capabilities, targets, motivations, service offerings and TTPs of ransomware and malware operators.

Compromised Credentials, Brand Protection, Phishing & Typosquatting, Data Leaks

Cybersixgill continuously monitors your assets, brand and employees in the cybercriminal underground and on social media in real-time, providing early warnings and actionable recommendations to help safeguard assets and proactively remediate threats as they surface. 

Threat Monitoring & Threat Hunting

Cybersixgill removes the access barrier to the most valuable sources of cyber threat intelligence, in a single, searchable, SaaS investigative platform. With deep-dive investigative capabilities, Cybersixgill helps threat hunting teams seek the highest-priority potential cyberthreats.

Fraud Prevention

Cybersixgill offers unprecedented actionable insights into fraud-related threats, TTPs and service offerings in real-time, continuously monitoring illicit underground forums, markets and IM groups to capture critical intel to fuel fraud prevention activities.

Third-Party Monitoring

Cybersixgill provides full visibility into your organizational attack surface, continuously monitoring the risk exposure of associated third-party vendors to provide early warning of potential and emerging threats before they can be weaponized. 

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