How to Prioritize Vulnerabilities Presenting the Greatest Risk Over the Next 90 Days

In this white paper, we uncover how cybersecurity professionals can use Cybersixgill’s new DVE Score for agile vulnerability management to dynamically identify and prioritize the vulnerabilities presenting the greatest risk over the next 90 days.

By evaluating chatter on underground forums in the deep and dark web as well as intelligence from various other sources in real-time, security practitioners can:

  • Estimate the likelihood of a given vulnerability being exploited in the near future
  • Track, monitor, and prioritize vulnerabilities in order of their urgency in light of real-time threat intel
  • Ensure to install the most pressing patches first

What’s In This Guide?


  • Why prioritizing vulnerabilities is essential for cybersecurity
  • The time-consuming burden of patching
  • Why it’s so difficult to prioritize vulnerabilities effectively
  • How real-time, intent-based intelligence helps prioritize vulnerabilities



“I participated in Cybersixgill’s DVE beta and look forward to using it. Cybersixgill’s DVE Score helps us measure the attack surface and severity while giving us the ability to watch how a particular vulnerability is evolving. It also serves as a force multiplier for me, as I can easily see all relevant vulnerabilities along with any POC exploit.”
, Security Engineer, F5