Threat Intelligence That's Right On The Money

Detect and prevent credit card fraud, phishing and data leaks. Monitor 3rd party vendors, and enrich endpoints with real-time agile threat intelligence.

Intuitive investigative portal

Maximum visibility, maximum readiness

Incident Response

Minimize false-positives. Reduce response time by 75%

Accelerate discovery and remediation of zero-day exploits and threats. Push deep and dark web IOCs and actionable insights into your SOAR, TIP, SIEM – and trigger sophisticated playbooks to remediate and prevent.

Fraud Teams

Alerts of leaked credit cards, credentials and vendors’ data - the moment they surface on the deep and dark web.

Block and investigate IOCs in real-time and keep the threatscape continuously updated: from domain squatting and phishing attacks, to leaked credentials or cards. Use AI-based automatic analytics for root-cause analysis and get comprehensive reports, enriched with context and metrics like never before.

Understand and minimize digital risk across your entire organization

Brand Protection

Get alerts of brand abuse (e.g. rogue applications on app stores).

Phishing Detection

Get alerts of new impersonating domains along with an attribution to underground chatter, if it exists.

Credit Cards Detection

Alerts of leaked credit cards, which are sold on credit cards markets, IM apps and IRC chats.

Fraud Management

Get a breakdown of leaked credit cards by BINs, geography, issuer, and more to better implement a root-cause analysis and take mitigating actions.

Executive/VIP Monitoring

Get alerts if one of your executives is being targeted by a cyber or physical threat, including spear-phishing attacks, CEO scams, doxing, and more.

3rd Party Monitoring

Gain visibility to risk posed by your vendors. Get a summary of the risk posed by the 3rd party vendor’s cyber exposure.

Case Study

This financial services’ SOC achieved 4x faster response time

Intuitive & secure investigative portal

With exclusive, real-time and ad-hoc visualized access to the largest data lake of deep and dark web activity,

Cybersixgill allows CSIRT and fraud experts to get real-time actionable alerts customized to their investigations as well as perform a quick deep dive into any escalation in real-time. Security teams can research any threat actor’s profile, MO, history, and more. The depth and breadth of the intelligence collection, as well as its uniqueness and speed, allow teams to quickly detect, respond, remediate and prevent threats from the deep and dark web. In addition, security professionals gain unmatched visibility into their organizational threatscape, keeping them ahead of the threat curve while providing maximum intelligence to protect their organization and its clients’ most critical assets.

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“The security industry continues to undergo a huge transformation as legacy vendors with on-premisis and hybrid solutions are forced into extinction by remote workforces and cloud applications. We’re focused on identifying those startups that are defining modern cybersecurity by enhancing how enterprises stay ahead of emerging sophisticated threats. Cybersixgill’s automated data collection and analysis provide deep and accurate threat intelligence, delivering context to drive preemptive security responses that stop breaches in their tracks.”

Michael Sentonas, CTO, Crowdstrike