Defending The Infrastructure Of Digital Life

Cybersixgill harnesses groundbreaking intelligence collection and extraction capabilities to help telecommunication leaders protect their most critical assets and stay ahead of threats while delivering a top-notch customer experience.

Protect infrastructure, operational continuity, and data privacy

Cybersixgill provides real-time intelligence, visibility and insights into telecommunication related activity to help detect, prevent and protect from the most critical threats.

SIM swapping
Compromised leased
ISP equipment
Privacy attacks
Insider threats
Insider threats
Leaked sensitive data
Social engineering
Leaked credentials

Keeping all channels of communication open - and safe.

Fusing machine learning, natural language processing and automated data collection, Cybersixgill provides advanced warnings and actionable insights that empower Telcos to create secured solutions that deliver an exceptional digital user experience. Our products include advanced warnings and actionable insights about hacking and ransom tools available on the deep and dark web, compromised accounts, sensitive customer data, phishing and more.

Scalability: growing for the greater good

Cybersixgill takes threat intelligence to a whole new level of scalability with sophistication that creates a smoother customer experience while meeting the strictest of compliance regulations. Cybersixgill’s fully automated collection provides early warning enabling you to keep the integrity of your infrastructure, prevent ransomware and DDoS attacks, stolen data and more.

Agile threat intelligence: supercharging
the frontrunners of digital transformation

“Cybersixgill has quickly become an essential part of our security stack – dramatically improving our customer experience.”

CISO, global 2000 Telecommunications leader

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