Adding value to existing systems

Maximize resource utilization, reduce average detection and response times, and minimize churn. Centralized, multi-tenant and role-based architecture for VARs and MSSPs: MSSPs can harness the Cybersixgill threat intelligence solution to provide customers with a customized array of threat intelligence services with total data separation between customers in a single deployment.

Maximum Trust From A Single Pane of Glass

Multi-tenancy is critical for MSSPs growth. With Cybersixgill, you can manage clients’ environments easily and more effectively.

Reduce MTTR, reduce overhead

Increase efficiencies

Reduce operational costs

Increase margins

Powered By Cyber Excellence, Forging Business Success

Cybersixgill’s unique products are made with an extraordinary data lake and innovative methodologies. They are optimized for maximum business and technological value for both security executives and business leaders across the organization.


  • Various feeds of malicious indicators of compromise (IOCs).
  • Provide unique and advanced warnings about new cyberthreats.
  • Contextual and fully automated (machine-to-machine).
  • IOCs are delivered in real-time and are actionable.

Investigative Portal

  • Exclusive, real-time and ad-hoc visualized access to the largest data lake of deep and dark web activity.
  • Get real-time actionable alerts customized to your organization.
  • Quick deep dive into any escalation in real-time.
  • Research threat actor’s profile, MO and history.

Power Combo

  • Build an accurate intelligence picture to effectively prioritize action against the greatest threats.
  • Automatic alerting (and blocking) of malicious IOCs.
  • Investigate with unmatched visibility and insight into each and every threat actor’s context, history and mindset.
  • Keep the threatscape updated with all the details from time of exposure to time of investigation.

Groundbreaking Technology, Unmatched Results

A quantum leap into the next stage of threat intelligence: automated data collection, hyper scalable, and fully covert. Unlike other solutions that rely heavily on humans, Cybersixgill’s collection and correlation is 100% automated – it minimizes human errors, reduces false-positives and increases analyst productivity.

“Bad actors operate in every corner of the deep and dark web. Organizations that lack visibility into the wide range of attacks emanating from it are going to fall victim to ransomware, data breaches, IP theft and other forms of cybercrime. Our partnership with Cybersixgill expands our customers’ access to automated sources of threat intelligence that help them understand and respond to the most serious threats they face.”

John Callon, VP of solutions and partner marketing, Anomali